Andra Simons


The Joshua Tales: Joshua Visits His Uncle

Joshua Visits His Uncle

It is Sunday and Joshua went into town to visit his Uncle. They say it is the hottest day of the year. His Uncle’s a broad man in scope, a flexible man in dreams. He could do the splits up the leeward side of his house on a day like today but today he’ll sit, drink Ginip tea and chat with Joshua.

It is Sunday, and it’s Uncle’s day off. The gentleman callers have faded into tall tales.

He sighs in a white linen suit and leaves his feet bare and with youthful fingers he pours a large glass of chilled Ginip tea for Joshua’s dry throat, sits cross-legged and talks in similes. Uncle stares through the window onto the view of his white picket cage, out beyond.

Uncle: We’re like stones as troubled as tea cups left in the
             yard after tea parties, just like all of them.