Rebecca Heselton


Medea (In Her Words)

A twofold portion of distress held tight the slender arm

And I moved back again, but it was done.

I cannot see the light now from their faces

And my path has stopped their fingers

From my side. I am too far gone;

An empty womb remains, cold, frog-like and

I hold them still.

See! The formless lips of upturned mouths

And eyes kissed heavy from this mother’s sleep

In another world they look reproachful

Fain would I find them there, such shallow graves

Are cold e’en beside a prophet’s bed.

Disrobe you girl, stretch out your arms and smarting

Place your lady’s hands inside this wretched walk.

You Sir, have left me mother less. No child

Remains but tender limbs held by your lust

Expiring on, I leave you to my sons.

They will better bear you in this light.

I died with them to turn your face away

And dying on you live to die. So stay.