Vincent Clay


Avalanche Suite


All as ash fall far and fast
Attack all at path
Fractals drawn that fall away.
Alp strand: a crash track;
Grand arrant vandal that parts branch and bark.


Feel the tense present; then:
Let green needles be peeled,
Be wrenched, flee the tree pell mell,
Free descent renders green flesh bereft.
The scene reels then rests, ends pressed deep.


Wind-lit still drifts
Split in nihilist wild rips
Rift spitting vivid with frigid fists
Tilting spirits flirting with grit
This din will finish in finding pits


Old bond, long lock of snow on rock now opts to drop
From top to bottom, cool shot of horror;
Snow toss, rock fold.
Moon looks down, poor donor of cold moods:
Bloom now blown, flow stops to brood.


Full crush:
Cut us
Run us
Cull us